Saturday, March 04, 2006

Breathing is good.
Now that the Olympics are over with, I seem to be functioning more or less normally again. This is a good thing, on the whole.

I really hit a breaking point earlier in the week. Between a whole bunch of other stuff, plus financial explosion on the house project, I freaked out completely. It wasn't pretty. It's been a few days now - I thought I was all better Wednesday, but managed to forget that I was teaching a knitting class that night, so clearly I wasn't yet firing on all cylinders. I'm pretty spent, still. Getting it together bit by small bit.

I did finally deliver the stripey project - there was a crazy-making issue with the collar finishing, which was crochet and hence something for which I must slavishly follow instructions (I am somewhat crochet-impaired). As it happens, there's a small but crucial error in the pattern; the collar isn't supposed to be ruffled. Now I have another commission to knit, and it's simpler and in big yarn - Classic Elite Bazic. I've written the pattern and sent it over, there are some tweaks they've requested, and soon it's mindless, near-instant gratification knitting. We like size 9 needles, we really do. I was so crazed early in the week that I didn't spot I'd forgotten to include any instructions for increasing the sleeves at all. Hm...8" so good.

Apparently a project of mine is appearing in Knit Simple, I heard this week. I originally sent the pattern without sizing and am not sure yet if that's what I'll be madly calculating for the rest of the weekend; hope not, but no biggie if it is. This one is a 3/4 sleeve tie front bolero for Caron, in some yarn so poofy and textured that it's nearly impossible to find stitches, but it's surprisingly lightweight and very, very soft.

KIP tomorrow at Borders, dropping in anytime between 2 and 5, people - I'll be there, hope to see people.

I think it's time for me to go down to Wild & Woolly and spend my Christmas gift certificate. Oldest child is away, so I'm not shuttling any of her (MANY) activities, and this spring, we don't have a lot of weekend things scheduled generally. Other than knitting, of course. So the day feels like it's relatively clear.

The skirt for spring sew-a-long, alas, I missed the signup cutoff for, so I'll just be sewing unofficially. In my copious spare time. There's the Spring Forward sweater KAL, the March almanac project to investigate, the February Almanac project to mess around with some more, and the Hardangervidda to finish and the leaf cardigan to keep plugging away on, and a new commission to work. Also some design submittal deadlines coming up.

I think Lucia's the only one who's guessed an actual *number* for the table, so unless somebody else chimes in, she'll be the new owner of some Opal. Don't some Opal socks sound like an appealing project right about now? I know they do to me. Mindless knitting for the mindless.

Another question for you: is there anyplace in the UK that you'd recommend for a vacation? We're trying to plan for the summer and I'm stumped, mainly out of ignorance. We'll be spending some time in Devon with the inlaws, but the rest of the time is wide open. Maybe another trip to the Colinette warehouse in Wales? Maybe up to Yorkshire and the Rowan headquarters for a workshop or just hiking and shopping?


Blogger sep said...

oh god, don't get me started on vacation spots in the UK! we had the most, most, most wonderful 2 weeks in Shetland/Orkney/Skye isles. Do go to Shetland, go now! the weather is perfect in the summer, that is, it's cool up there. and light until ungodly hours at night and the shops are cute, and the roads are fun to drive on (rent a car) and the sheep will try and kill you, and the food is awful. but, I'm telling you, we had a wonderful time just exploring. There's knitting/wool, there's crafts of all sorts, there's archeological digs that are fascinating, there's standing stones, there's wonderful boating, there's bird watching, and so much to do. ok, I'll stop now, but believe me, that extra flight from London to Lerwick was worth every penny. and the ferry back down, stopping at the Orkneys was also very nice, you sleep right on it and wake up in the a.m. in an entirely new an different place. go there now. sorry for the ranting :)

3:55 PM  
Blogger Lucia said...

I am completely ignorant of UK geography and good vacation spots -- I'd probably drop by the Tower and say hi to Anne Boleyn, but no doubt you've already done that.

I started a shawl for Miss B's school auction in a lightweight Shetland tweed. Love the colors, really pleased with the way the design's coming out (a poor thing but mine own), am discovering that tweed is a close cousin of Brillo. Also, I'm not sure I have enough yarn. I'm trying to think what else I have in my stash that I could do this in, preferably on larger needles as I have only 3 weeks and I am a bit concerned about having enough time. Out of the deadline, into the deadline.

4:45 PM  
Anonymous Kat said...

One of my favorite vacations was a bike trip in England. We started south of London and rode west through Winchester, Salisbury (my favorite), Bath and the Cotswolds. My favorite ride was along the canals on the way into Bath. Ever since, I've wanted to take a vacation on a canal boat somewhere in England.

6:36 PM  
Anonymous Kat with a K said...

Cornwall! I love Cornwall. And Glastonbury. And Salisbury.

I'll try to stop by Borders today!

10:51 AM  
Blogger Lucia said...

Oh, yes, Glastonbury Abbey, putative site of Avalon. I'd go there. DH would probably snicker a lot. Is there a bookstore nearby?

1:59 PM  
Anonymous Lynne said...

Well, start in London of course. How long are you going for and what do you want to see. I lived just south of London for about a year and even that wasn't enough time to see it all. If you can get a private tour of Stonehenge that is cool as you get up close and personal, otherwise there are many other historical sites. Brighton is cool (by the sea) and the Royal "summer home" is spectacular if you like oriental things. Arundel, Sussex, the list goes on and on. Sorry I didn't make to Borders on Sunday - family issues :(

1:00 PM  

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