Tuesday, February 07, 2006

In a fit of frustration last night, I started the baby shawl from the February chapter. As Franklin already mentioned, the beginning is tricky. I of course was doing this after midnight, thus not having the recommended good light and rather deficient in calm, too, but it was okay on the third try or so. The flummoxing bit was figuring out exactly what the Emily Ocker beginning was really supposed to be. I happily chained a few stitches and sat there, puzzling over how that was going to get me more than one stitch. Puzzled and puzzed til my puzzler was sore. But I eventually got it. You make that first loop, crochet through it, then keep going back into that loop to make the new stitches. OH. The light, she dawns slowly. Then I cheerfully k1, yo, all over the place rather than just once per needle. Hm. This gives me way more than 24 stitches. Hm...so now I think I've got it. I even have a circular ready as soon as the knitting on the dpns gets big enough.

Now I'm already antsy to stick lace patterning in this thing. Looky, looky!

Yet another KAL
Yes, this is getting ridiculous. But I swear, your honor, I won't even look at yarn for it until after the Olympics, really!

This is for Janet Szabo's beautiful Spring Forward design, and I'm looking forward to it in a not-as-crazed-as-usual way. Which is a good thing. I'm thinking Rowan All Season Cotton on this puppy.


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