Saturday, June 09, 2007

Catching up

Goodness, that went fast.

I finally got at least one of the fruit trees planted. Yay! I've made a start on Great Big Hole Number Two, in which I will plant the other tree. Youngest child assited. Youngest child has now learned first hand about the rocky soil of New England. We have some plants in our little garden, too. I need to get down to Lexington Gardens tomorrow and see what they have left (I love it there. sigh.) The indoor plants are still alive, another yay, although the coffee plant is looking very sad indeed. New addition: a pineapple plant, complete with baby pineapple growing. It's very sweet, and there it was at the grocery store, and so it came home with me. I have really run out of places to put these things.

I've read the whole four-book "Emperor" series, now, by Conn Iggulden. Yes, since my last post. Quite addictive, although the writing is in places really annoying; Conn appears not to have given any thought to the idea of sticking to one character's point of view. Other than that, they're really ripping historical fiction, based on the life of Julius Caesar. You know how it's going to end, but it's good fun; he makes Suetonius out to be a whining spotty neighborhood bully, and really, there isn't all that much suspense about "will Julius survive this battle" 'cause, well, geez, of course he does, also yes he will decide to go back to Rome, duh, so he can get stabbed to death in the Forum, like you do, sheesh. Also, uh-oh, that's no ordinary carpet, Julius, look out! There's a queen of Egypt inside! Coincidentally, this person has written a brand new megabestseller called "The Dangerous Book for Boys," which is rather splendid. I had no idea I was getting into megabestseller territory at all. There you go.

I'm thinking about writing an actual Shakespearean play called "Romeo and Ethel the Pirate's Daughter." I think I have a writing partner on this--will need to tell him about this brilliant idea, of course. Details, details.

The knitting! Ah, yes. Well, I, um, do indeed have a project due in a few days. I have started, but have not yet finished. It'll be fine. I'm working on other things, too, and ALSO plotting and scheming the last package to my Secret Pal for SP10. Mwah, ha, ha. Plus one more secret project. Oh, the drama of it all, how will I ever cope.

More under the category of "good lord I'm glad that's done": Finally hauled the bezillion-pound broken set of drawers downstairs and out to the curb for trash day; finally vacuumed the stairs and other areas that were so full of pet hair it was bothering me; oldest took the last of her getting-ready-for-college standardized tests for this spring; trimmed the dog's claws. Paid bills, yuck. Avoided going to see No Man's Land at ART--honestly, this is not a time of my life where I think, oh hey wouldn't it be great to go and watch some unspeakable human cruelty for a while? I'm sure it's just fabulous, and the tickets have now officially Gone To Waste (oh no! my stingy yankee heart tightens in the ancestral grumpiness of my forebears! waste! wastrel! hedonist!) (hm. might be overdoing it, there; hard to make hedonist accusation over not going to the theatre.) (well, in this case, actually, not so hard--the yankee suffering would be in going to this one.) (hey, I win!)

And that's about it for the night, all. More wailing and rending of garments another time, perhaps (won't that be fun?). Time to take the dog out, in the rain, miserable creature, whine whine whine, ack. Blah.



Blogger Carole Knits said...

Doing all those things you have to do is real progress, even if it doesn't feel that way. Keep moving forward!

7:17 AM  
Blogger Jena the yarn harpy said...

If you do, in fact, go ahead with Romeo and Ethel, The Pirate's Daughter, I will live in unspeakable awe of your awesomeness. A bit of me is surprised that Tom Stoppard hasn't yet taken that on... didn't he write the screenplay for SiL? Also, if we could get Joseph Fiennes to be Romeo, that would be nice, too. Just sayin'.
(I may have a small SiL problem. Or a Joseph Fiennes problem. Or a period-drama-starring-gorgeous-Englishman problem. *ahem* Pride and Prejudice.)

Sorry to have missed you all this week (I suspect that pollen is now able to cause the plague) but I'll definitely see you Wednesday night, right? :)

4:37 PM  
Blogger Lucia said...

Some years ago there was a Globe Sunday crossword whose gimmick was movie titles with one word anagrammed. (That probably wasn't a verb before I made it one. Onward.) I remember only two, of which the relevant one here is "Shakespearean road movie?" -- Hamlet and Louise.

I totally get the Yankee thing, being one too. Refuse, resist, hedonist.

See you sometime, I hope, maybe (I might be able to stay later on Wed nights now! Yay!).

11:35 AM  

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