Friday, May 11, 2007

The busyness

What we've been up to for the last couple of days is getting ready for oldest kid's AP exams, keeping her and the other two younger kids on some sort of track with their other academic work, and that sort of thing. Oldest took an exam yesterday, and felt very good about how she did, so HUGE HUZZAH!

If you're interested, here's the Crazed Weasel AP English Literature Reading List (bearing in mind that "English Literature" really means world literature):
A Doll's House, Henrik Ibsen
Saint Joan, George Bernard Shaw
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead, Tom Stoppard
Hamlet, Shakespeare
(optional: Julius Caesar)
Long Day's Journey into Night, Eugene O'Neill
The Old Man and the Sea, Ernest Hemingway
The Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck
Death of a Salesman, Arthur Miller
Antigone, Sophocles
Antigone, Jean Anouilh
Our Town, Thornton Wilder
No Exit, Jean-Paul Sartre
The Metamorphosis, Franz Kafka
Rhinoceros, Eugene Ionesco
I do like plays. They're heavily symbolic and thus good fodder for analysis.

The new Socks That Rock sock club shipment arrived last week some time - I love that it's a silk blend, not so in love with the pastel-ish colorway, but it's fine. I've finally finished the first sock of the last shipment's pattern. I will have to rip out the top of the sock and re-do. The instructions call for going up a needle size. It is a reversible cable pattern. I have taken an all-day seminar in reversible cabling. I know damn well you really do need a larger needle for this kind of knitting. Did I do it? Of course not. So the sock, while lovely, only just barely fits over my heel and onto my foot. It is for all practical purposes unwearable. So I'll fix it. Eventually.

I finished planting flowers and greenery in the urns outside my kitchen door. They're pretty! Yay!

Gotta run, but enjoy the day, everyone. Yes, Carla, yes, Lorena, Rhinebeck, really, let's definitely meet up. More later.


Blogger Lucia said...

That's a great reading list, as long as you lock the windows, hide the knives, and keep a supply of Prozac handy. I do like Ionesco, though: he keeps you so entertained with absurdity that he can almost slip that other stuff right by you.

10:55 AM  
Anonymous Lynne said...

I like A Moveable Feast or even The Sun Also Rises better than Old Man in the Sea. I would also add Hermann Hesse's Narcissus and Goldmund to this list (Not Siddhartha). Oh and lets not forget Ayn Rand :) If you can get through Atlas Shrugged.

10:56 AM  
Blogger Lorena said...

Love, love, love Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead. Love it.

Will also love meeting up with you! Yay!

4:59 PM  

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