Friday, March 31, 2006

Deeply frightening.
The only way to describe the last burst of knitting on the Bazic commission. Yes, yay, I've just about nailed it now, late but not too late for the photo shoot. The killer moment - or many hours, really - was when I realized that the cuffs were three inches too wide. Yes, that *is* rather a lot. There is no way I had time to re-knit two whole sleeves - not without imminent divorce, at least, and while I am certainly crazed, I do have some instinct for self-preservation - so I re-knit the cuffs, snipped the end of a row above the cuffs on each sleeve, unraveled carefully across, and kitchenered the new cuffs on. It was quite scary, but necessity is the mother of refined technical skill, I like to say; the helpful knitter watching in amazed horror couldn't find which row I'd done it on. So there. Tada.

Not quite as frightening was Orpheus X at ART. This was why I missed both the cool spinning and the cool knitting on Wed. night (hi, Lynne! I'm so glad it went well!). I still am not sure whether the "X" in the title is intended as a Roman numeral, or a "Malcolm X" kind of thing, or what. What we definitely have is an Orpheus, and a Eurydice. This is as much an intellectual exercise about the Orpheus myth as it is a piece of theater, and it works as both. There is music, which is both good and used ingeniously. For much of Orpheus' time on stage, he's noodling around with his guitar, and the music sounds like something that would be the result of that kind of process. ART tends to have rather obvious "brochure photo moments" in every season, where you see an arresting image on stage that you just know is going to be in the brochure for next season, and it's almost always completely unrelated to the rest of the production and feels plopped in for its own sake. That didn't happen this time. Yes, the final image is gorgeous, but it flows from what has come before it. Hooray! It made for a fascinating evening. At 90 minutes, without intermission, it was also a hell of a lot less punishing than Some Other Productions This Season. Note: some nudity. Actually kind of a lot of nudity. Hell apparently involves being naked a lot. And not having anything to write with.

Okay, what else...gratuitous cat picture, that's what! This is Ketchup. She kills things for us; in this shot she is looking at another cat and thinking, Moi can not believe moi is the same species as That Idiot.


Blogger Lucia said...

If Moi thinks that cat is an idiot, she ought to see what one of her offspring has been up to. She's finally down, thank whatever powers suit your fancy.

9:51 AM  
Anonymous Kat with a K said...

Aww, hi Ketchup!

7:21 PM  
Blogger Lolita Blahnik said...

Wow, you have an awesome blog, you are a needle master!!!
Thank for the "England info" again.

3:31 AM  

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