Thursday, January 19, 2006

I might be losing it.
If I ever had it to begin with, that is.

I've signed up to join the Knitting Olympics, which The Yarn Harlot has suggested. I've had a kit lurking in the stash, waiting patiently for me to get around to, and I think this is what I must knit. It is beautiful. It is the correct, authentic yarn, ordered specially from Denmark
for this very purpose. Some while ago. Erm. Yeah. So I think it's within the rules (such as they are) to wind yarn into balls ahead of time, and it's definitely ok to swatch, which I am going to need to do to make sure I've got the right size addi on hand. The deal is you cast on as the Olympic torch is lit, and you have 16 days to finish; until the end of the closing ceremony. A challenge! Whoo hoo!

Such trouble this blogging thing is causing. Good grief.


Blogger Ruth said...

I believe that this puts you on the USA Fair Isle team ... JenLa have made a button for you to put on the blog if you want ...

3:47 PM  

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