Tuesday, January 24, 2006

This is why I love winter. Look at that!

It kept snowing yesterday, and today - voila! Winter wonderland!

The two younger kids went sledding (after their math was done, of course - I'm not *that* permissive) and were in kid heaven.

Now I must gather my fortitude and gumption and .... frog a sock-in-progress. Aaaaaaaah! It seems I've been a wee bit stressed out the last week or so. The second sock was progressing nicely, and while I noticed that it was a lot more difficult getting the needle tip in to do a k2tog, I thought nothing of it. Until I measured the cuff.

So I will tuck the sorry sight into my knitting bag, ignore it for a while, and go meet up with some knitters this morning to...gulp...frog the sock. Sob. I really want these to be DONE, so I can wear them. I guess I need to relax.

After I get the knitting submittals delivered, I'll be a lot less wigged out.


Anonymous Sarah said...

But the yarn is beautiful, and matches the sky in your photos! We have the remains of a winter wonderland, but with gray skies.

3:02 PM  
Anonymous Lucia said...

Hey, Liz! When did you get a blog? Woo and likewise hoo. (Yes, I am very slow, thank you for noticing.)

8:39 PM  

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