Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Of two minds

I've been taking some time to learn more about garment construction, fashion trends, and fool around. Mostly fool around. I didn't submit anything to anybody this summer. I did have a project go into the latest issue of Knit Simple (the magazine formerly known as FCEK), but it was a deal between the yarn company and the magazine, and there was very little about the design that was my idea, what with them sending me what yarn to use and all. The magazine arrived (I subscribe), and I even got another specially express-shipped copy from the publisher today (presumably as a contributor?), but nowhere does it say anything about me doing anything. The project is paired with somebody else's much nicer stuff, and I hereby apologize to Kathy for creating the thing covering up her simple, elegant shell and skirt set. It's kind of a drag not to get credit, but on the other hand, this is not a piece that any of you are going to go, oh wow! about. Except maybe on You Knit What.

Ahem. How to put any of this tactfully...that's about as well as I can do it: No byline bad, but I'm completely okay with that.

No pics today; the knitting progress is too minute to be observed by the naked eye. I took a break from endless disk repair - which I've spent the last five days on, incidentally; apparently my Powerbook has horrendous life-threatening disk spotty-ness and must lie down rather than, oh, print, or open my email program. I can get email on the web, but can't access any mail dating from July 3rd or before. So I have approximately zero email addys, guys. Which bites. It also decided that I, mere foolish mortal, do not have permission to install anything, or even install updates to already installed software. This is a privilege reserved for my laptop's new imaginary friend (oh, yes, it has one).

ANYWAY, what I did for hours instead was clear away teetering piles of crap from surfaces in the kitchen. Old magazines, bank statements, god knows what; all gone. Mostly. I saved some stuff, but the organizer trays that never seem to organize anything at all and merely serve as a large area in which to store more piles of crap? Those are almost all gone. I so rock. I have counter space again. Words cannot describe the tranquility and fulfillment this brings me.

I was feeling so tranquil that I thought to myself, hey, this is a semblance of the order and harmony that Julie seems to inhabit. I may even bake tomorrow. Oh! One of the things I found and did not toss was a 2000 Dairy Diary, this little calendar book put out by my mother-in-law's milkman's company (I'll wait for everyone to catch up, there)(good). It is otherwise really useless, obviously, but it has Food Porn. Recipes. Ah. I had forgotten. Brown sugar tea loaf with cherries and pineapple and coconut. Oh, my. Pictures of cream teas. Sigh. Cheeses of Britain! Be still, my heart!

Stop me if you've heard this before: I decided I would knit a little tiny bit on each of the projects in progress and get to all of them today, even if just a little, and that way I will finish them all before September. I buried the Dale sleeves that I have to frog back a bit in this list of other, innocuous knitting. All set! I got me a list! I am Organized, people! Outa my way, I'm being Sane about this For Once! Yeah!

Guess which thing I magically didn't get around to?

You see how I can out-think myself? Dammit! I did, however, do some on the Almanac-a-long shawl (yes that was for February, shh), Spring Forward, the dye-o-rama sock (nearly at the toe), the leaf cardigan, and I even cast on the sleeves and got a few rounds in for said cardigan. And, oh, dear, look at the time. Time to pack up the knitting for today. La la la.

The foul-up was not because anybody was being distracting at Javaroom last week, you guys - Lynne, not you, or the offspring, or anything. I was having a weird week and was pretty antisocial that evening. No, it was my own incandescent overthinking that struck yet again, burning so brightly that I was blinded to all else but What Seemed Like A Good Idea at the Time.

Oh, yeah! Friday! I liked the new Pirates movie a whole bunch, and especially liked meeting some of the significant others, so thanks again, Jena, and see you soon, folks, I hope.


Blogger Julie said...

Dairy Diary, that sounds entirely too delicious! Kudos on the organization, I'm always inordinately proud whenever I manage to organize a wee corner of my life.

5:16 AM  
Anonymous Kat with a K said...

Eek, good luck with the computer! And the Dairy Diary sounds wonderful.

9:25 AM  
Blogger Lucia said...

It is amazing what tranquility decluttering can bring. It's also amazing how little of it I seem to be able to manage. Good on yer! and hope you get email soon. (Are you going tonight? I haven't decided yet if I am. If I do it will be late.)

10:04 AM  
Blogger Janey said...

What a great discovery! Finding a recipe for "brown sugar tea loaf with cherries and pineapple and coconut" sounds like it would inspire me to tidy up too.
(Unfortunately I have no hope of finding anything like that.)
Discovering last month's pay stubs amidst the mess is my main goal - to prove Department of Public Works is scamming/screwing its census enumerators.
Any chance of you sending me that recipe? Or posting it on your blog for all to see?

5:40 PM  
Blogger Jena the yarn harpy said...

Well, I made up for your off week the week before by having my off week last week. Let's aim for an on week this week! :)

As for Pirates, it was great to have you all along, especially with the kiddos in costume. :)

3:50 PM  

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