Saturday, March 11, 2006

Ah, Saturday.
Wrapping up the week: Lucia won the Opal, for the closest guess on how much the absurdly expensive dining table was. Happy socking, Lucia!

I've finished up teaching the latest knitting class, on Wed. night. So any of you from class checking things out over here, hello! I think there's a new session that starts next Wed., but it gets cancelled if there isn't a minimum enrollment. I'm of two minds with this. I like teaching. I really do. I also like having evenings free. So I'm happy either way. Jackie at Wild & Woolly asked if I'd be interested in teaching down there in the fall, and The World in Stitches has always welcomed any class I'd like to teach over there, and Fiber Loft wondered if I'd be interested in doing a design workshop. I think I need to look at actual hours in the day and what I really want to do and figure this out. One-day workshop sounds the most appealing at the moment; I find myself rapidly thinking, okay, three hours, and we'll swatch and go over sketching out schematics and figuring out how to build the pattern...oh, yeah. Sound like fun?

I've gotten some work done on the commission, and need to settle in for a spate of really intensive knitting this weekend so I can get the thing done this week. It should be doable, after all - this is a pretty basic (ouch--made from Bazic) sweater, in big yarn on size 9 US. No problem! Famous last words...

Also have visible progress on the leaf cardigan. Unfortunately, no pics today - my computer is feeling unhappy, apparently, and has decided it doesn't recognize the USB port today. *sigh* Jessica (a stunning knitter in her own right, who I see at the homeschooling coop from time to time) really likes how it's coming, and asked for the link to the yarn retailer; she's probably not the only one interested, so, briefly, I can't say enough times how much fun this is to knit for me right now, and how happy I am with the kit supplied by Sommerfuglen in Copenhagen. The exchange rate kinda sucks right now, but it's still shockingly inexpensive to get the original yarn as specified for these absolutely gorgeous designs--pretty much everything is less than a hundred dollars.

I emailed Ruth trying to figure out how to make a link to a free pattern I want to write and put up, and have had the "duh" moment - sorry, Ruth; I figured it out, I think. So a Noro hiking sock pattern is coming, people. After I reload Norton and figure out what's going on with the sudden inability to print anything.

Have a good weekend, everybody!


Blogger Ruth said...

Having a "duh" moment of my own over here ... I meant to email/call you, and it completely slipped my mind.

Let me know if you run into any other problems, and I'll help if I can.

2:32 PM  
Anonymous Kat with a K said...

Keep us updated - I'd be interested in a one-day design workshop (depending on scheduling and stuff of course).

9:45 AM  

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