Monday, January 16, 2006

Sock the first
First one of two, done--yay! It is comfy, it is warm, and it fits. Go, me!

Still haven't cast on for my re-try of the aran hat for the EZ Almanac-a-long, but I am not stressing about that. I am enjoying playing around with yarn and needles.

It's fun.

Also I have a nifty sock now.

In other news...
I've started reading The Artist's Way, which is proving to be another nifty thing. Now I know what Donna was talking about when she said she was trying to do the morning 3 pages of writing. It sounds like a reasonable idea, as far as unblocking one's creativity possibly *can* sound reasonable--there's a whiff of oxymoron there, somehow.

I do need/want to do some (more) writing. This may be a good way to do it.


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