Thursday, January 12, 2006

Feh. And again, I say, Feh.
Feh. I have had a good rummage in the stash, and discovered that I have ten skeins of lopi in natural--which should, in theory, be enough for something Of Unusual Size. Perhaps even a nice aran, for the Almanac-a-long. I believe I'm still going to do something aran for January. I was rereading today, EZ asks, how did your cap turn out? And I wasn't going to make one, but then I thought better of it and cast on with some other, gray lopi that was also lying around just asking me to do something with it.

I do get a nice 3 1/2 sts per inch on size 10 with this yarn. This is pretty sodding big. I oughta be able to whip something up in a jiffy, right?

Well. We think this will be a trip to the frog pond, to be revisited in the morning. First off, I ran out of long tail as I long tail-ed my cast on, so I threw in a few backward loop. Um, ten, as a matter of fact. Then I knit a round. Then I knit another round. Then I thought it might be time to start setting up the aran patterning. And I seem to have either grossly misinterpreted EZ's charming instructions for a cable-needle-less right twist, or else lopi hates right twisting, 'cause it looks ... well.... like this:

Yuck. The dog thinks so, too:


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