Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Up and Running
o it really, really is working. Yay! This is Wednesday. We've had a quiet morning, with Ketchup the youngest cat venturing outside for a few minutes--she hasn't done that in a while, owing to the mountains of snow and ice. Dear children are reading and playing with the dog. The teenager is, of course, still asleep.

Let's see if we can get another picture posted.

There we go. This is (note the darker patch) a wet-at-the-time swatch for a lovely cropped cardigan that will be appearing in one of Classic Elite's spring collections. It's a nifty design.

The lace pattern is sometimes called butterfly lace, because it looks a little like a butterfly. QED.

Clearly I need to figure out how to crop images, because this is pretty silly looking. Oh, well. One thing at a time.

In the news...
This morning's paper says, "Iran provokes nuclear crisis." Oh. Well, that would be bad. Taken on top of the nonsense with presidential eavesdropping, explosions in Baghdad, and gas prices at $2.35 a gallon if you're lucky, it doesn't look like a very good day in the world at large. Locally, we've just had news of another public school teacher arrested on drug charges. Makes me glad I homeschool.


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