Sunday, October 30, 2005

Way back when I first made some attempt at coping with Blogger, I didn't have the faintest idea how to upload pictures. I will remedy that soon. I hope.


some thoughts on Appeasement.

Appeasement is when you go to the grocery store with one or more of your children and purchase only things that said children loooove. Case in point: yesterday, DD#2 and I, out shopping. We ended up with: lunchables (those $2 boxes containing a few crackers and about ten cents' worth of cheese or something), a truly impressive array of Halloween candy, cookies (including Daddy's Favorite Cookies), pringles, those odd vegetarian frozen dinner things that oldest child is pretending to like lately, multiple packages of cake mix and cookie mix, frosting with which to decorate the preceding, frozen yogurt, several bottles of vitamin water, a whole bunch of Koolaid mix, and a gallon of chocolate milk. I forgot eggs. I forgot cleaning products.

But now when I open the cupboard, the children are happy.

Appeasement has its compensations.