Sunday, October 30, 2005

So here we are.

Hello, there.

The sunlight is streaming in the windows, bathing the family room carpet in glowing warmth. The warmth is re-awakening the smell I thought I'd definitely removed from where the dog peed.


On the plus side: DH is back from Japan. The sweater I'm making him is still looking pretty good. I haven't yet killed the lime plant, which is at the moment merrily growing 3! Count 'em! THREE! limes. All the other houseplants are limping along, too. Geraniums are nearly perfect for me: they thrive on being left to dry out completely between waterings. Also they bloom better if you forget to give them plant food. Daylight savings time has given me a whole extra hour in which to procrastinate, which is just jolly. The kids are pretty happy. The cats seem to be happy--at least they aren't barfing on anything right now. The water in the basement has subsided. The homeschooling coop responsibilities have abated a teeny bit (since I spent most of the day working on that stuff Friday, there's now a respite. Yay.)

I've retreated from town politics so far now that I no longer feel personally responsible for fixing everything. This is kind of a big deal for me, and most assuredly a Very Good Thing.. All I have on my plate right now is being a library trustee, and contributing to the Democratic national committees for electing dems to the House and Senate. Maybe we'll re-take the Senate, maybe not.

Off to get cleaning supplies, batteries for the digital camera, and maybe even toilet paper if I don't forget again.

DH's sweater:
Dale of Norway, from book 126, Hardangervidda. See what it's supposed to look like here:
We're doing the grey one. DH is not keen on little accents of red sprinkled artfully on his clothes.

If I get the oldest kid's Halloween costume finished in time for her to wear it to the Halloween party she's going to in a few hours, then I'll reward myself with a big chunk of knitting time.